Dark Angel

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What you gonna do
With your Dark Angel
When he comes back to play?
You gotta pray hard now
So that day is not today

Darkness comes
As the clouds keep rolling in
Ghosts of the past
Are they the ghosts of Sin?
Gotta do it now
Gotta get rid of them somehow

So I sat and took
A last trip around the sun
When the light
The light was almost gone
At night when I wake up
I’ve been yellin’ at the moon

Eyes reflected are older than I know
It’s not my first time
But this ain’t the same old show
Gotta stay away from that path
And find my way back home

With razor thin timing
And a heart that’s full of hope
I hope that this time
It’s not my time to choke
Had to stay strong now
To keep these demons down at bay

What did you do with your Dark Angel
Did he came back to play?
You gotta keep praying hard now
So that day is never today

Music and Lyrics © 2021 Darren Wileman